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About jamboree denmark

About Jamboree Denmark 2022

From the 23rd to 31st of July 2022, 32,000 children and young people gathered at the biggest jamboree in Scandinavia in Hedeland Naturpark.

More than 4,000 volunteers have worked to create an amazing setting for guides and scouts from all over the country. At Jamboree Denmark 2022, the approximately 900 participating groups and the thousands of visiting guests, have been able to try many different fun and educational activities, eat delicious food at ‘Spejdertorvet’ and get a taste of what guiding and scouting is all about and has to offer in 2022 in the beautiful surroundings of Hedeland.

Jamboree Denmark 2022 was the third Jamboree Denmark, and the first time it was held in Zealand.

Our common future

The theme for Jamboree Denmark 2022 was “Our common future”. A theme, that created the framework for the work before, during and after the jamboree. The theme was chosen because we, as guides and scouts, take responsibility for our globe, the people on it and our common future. It is also a collaboration between both guides and scouts of all ages, associations, and countries.

Our common future was the common thread in more than 300 activities at Jamboree Denmark 2022, and as guides and scouts it was possible to collect an Our common future badge if five types of activities were completed.

The landmark ’Læringsspiralen’ (spiral of learning) of Jamboree Denmark 2022 was created to raise awarerness on the Global Sustainable Development Goals and our global community.

Hedeland Naturparks new outdoor meeting and learning area, contains amongst other things 17 huts with the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals and two Sustainable Development Goal routes in the nearby area.

International participation

Jamboree Denmark 2022 had many international participants attending. 147 groups from 37 countries were attending and groups from France, Canada, and Ethiopia just to mention some, participated. In all, 51 nations were represented at this jamboree.

One nation in particular draw special attention since Jamboree Denmark could offer Ukrainian refugee children a break from their everyday life, due to donations from different foundations. 115 guides and scouts participated at Jamboree Denmark 2022, and additional 250 refugee children visited the jamboree for a day.

The international engagement in general has been remarkable at Jamboree Denmark 2022, with visits from representatives from WOSM, WAGGGS, and the hosts for the next World Scout Jamboree in South Korea stopped by as well.

Who was behind Jamboree Denmark 2022

Danish Guide and Scout Association, KFUM Scouts (in Denmark), Green Girl Guides of Denmark, Danish Baptist Guide and Scout Association, and the Danish Scouts of Southern Schleswig, which are also behind the association Guides and Scouts of Denmark. Jamboree Denmark was held in collaboration with the three host municipalities: Høje-Taastrup, Greve and Roskilde.

Jamboree Denmark contributes to carry out the mission of the association

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